23 November 2016

Skills Group boosts international links in partnership with Tellus College and Mi-space

Skills Group, a Plymouth-based apprenticeship training provider, has continued to bolster its international links by hosting students from the Czech Republic, as part of a visit organised by Tellus College.

A group of learners from a school in Trebic spent two weeks trying out a range of Construction trades – including plastering and tiling – at Skills Group’s state-of-the-art Construction training centre in Plympton. The visit was part of an Erasmus project, ‘Stop Heat Loss: Thermography in Use II.’

With the help of Construction trainers Al Craig and Bob Harvey, the group – over half of whom were female – have successfully built, insulated and plastered their own work station. They were also given the opportunity to tile a perimeter with herringbone interior, as well as the Czech Republic flag – a keepsake from their time in the UK.

To complete their trip, the students were taken on an educational tour of High Street and Waterloo Close in Stonehouse. The tour was organised with C&P Plastering and Mi-space, part of The Midas Group, to give the group an insight into the workings of a live UK construction site.   

Skills Group’s Bob Harvey said: “The learners were very professional and a joy to train. Construction is often seen as a male-dominated industry, so it was great to have a mixed group.”

Al Craig added: “All of the work produced has been of a very high standard and we’re looking forward to welcoming more international learners in the future.”

Dana Michalková, a teacher from Stredni škola stavební Trebíc, said: “We would like to thank Skills Group for organising engaging and useful work within the context of the project. Bob and Al were helpful trainers and we have learnt a lot from them.”

Tellus College Work Placement Officer, Nikki Foster, said: “We have been working closely with Skills Group this year to provide vocational training for international students with limited understanding of English. It’s a life-changing experience that the team at Skills Group are passionate about providing.”

Skills Group has previously hosted Slovenian, Romanian and Polish learners at its specialist Engineering and Automotive training centre in Langage.

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