12 December 2017

Midas gives historic Bristol landmark new lease of life

A well-known Bristol landmark has been given a new lease of life thanks to an innovative multi-million pound development completed by Midas Construction.

The transformation has seen the site of the old Bristol Post newspaper print press building turned into a modern student accommodation hub that has already welcomed its first residents. Midas has been on the site of Print Hall since autumn 2015 and created 267 apartments across three blocks of accommodation.

Sustainability and rejuvenation were at the heart of the project, with Midas reusing the foundations of the demolished old print press building as part of the new scheme and bringing activity back to a prominent site, off Temple Way and Old Market Street, which had remained derelict for a number of years.

The construction team also re-established part of a former road, lost when Bristol underwent major development works in the 1960s. Jacob Street disappeared as the city grew but this new scheme has re-created a section of the road, which has become part of the pedestrianised landscaping around the building.

The scheme has also paid tribute to the area’s industrial past, with the exterior of the student accommodation featuring an eye-catching use of copper and zinc, materials which were for many years a key manufacturing industry locally.

Derek Quinn, Executive Director for Midas Construction, said: “Bristol’s proud history and heritage have been central to the theme of this project and I am very pleased that we have been able to reflect that in the high quality of the finished development.

“What is great about being involved in a construction project is that you can see the results. You have a sense of pride in your work and of being part of a bigger collective which produces a building to stand for years to come.”

The £25million development in the heart of Bristol has transformed the former Bristol Post newspaper print building for client, Harmsworth Pension Funds Trustees Limited. Converting a derelict site with a strong historical heritage and giving it a modern, new use, Midas has been praised for its work on the project, achieving great customer satisfaction feedback.

Midas had a large workforce on the Temple Way accommodation project along with a group of apprentices, with the project offering opportunities for bricklayers, engineers, painters and decorators and landscapers.

Derek Quinn added: “Midas has a commitment to invest in the communities that it works in, to create a lasting legacy. As a local company that is very important to us. We developed a plan to target apprenticeships for this project to actively encourage committed young people in the Bristol area to earn as they learn.”

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