For many years we have been trusted to create communities that work well now and in the future; We are far more than a house builder, we understand the challenges you face and work together with you to build sustainable developments that serve your community for decades to come.

We are the human face of construction, here to make things simple for you; we're specialists in providing property services to affordable housing providers, and are proud to be based in the neighbourhoods in which we work, creating local jobs and procuring supplies from regional suppliers.

We are committed to ethical behaviour and to sustainable economic development while improving the quality of life for our workforce, the families and residents for whom we create homes, as well as the local community and society at large.

The Mi-space Vision

“To help sustain and create communities that work well now and in the future”

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive service to today's rapidly changing affordable housing sector.

Our aims are:

  • To be recognised as an industry leader in all aspects of housing
  • To deliver homes and refurbishment services of exceptional quality
  • To pro-actively tackle the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet
  • To earn the trust of our customers by delivering our promises
  • To maintain the highest health & safety and environmental standards.
  • To enjoy what we do
Delivering more

Here at Mi-space our objective is to be the best contractor operating in the field of affordable housing, without exception.

We’re more than ‘just another construction firm'… We are the benchmark by which other companies are measured. We work constantly to improve the quality, sustainability and durability of our new build and maintenance work, providing tangible benefits to you our client, as well as the communities in which we work. All whilst actively managing our environmental impact. 

Whether you’re looking for a one-off tendered new build or a framework for refurbishment of existing housing stock, Mi-space has the expertise and knowledge to ensure your project happens as planned, with minimal disruption to the community and your existing residents. 

Conversion of Stock to Zero Carbon: https://youtu.be/yolLf-Xj7Yw

SWPA Energy Efficiency Measures and Associated Works: https://youtu.be/VxnRq2u9NEw

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and break it down into 5 key areas:

1. People

We will respect their views, provide a safe and healthy working environment and conduct business with integrity by:

  • Investing and developing the skills and capabilities of the workforce through the Midas Academy and other mechanisms
  • Understand the needs of our people by consulting regularly and acting on what    we hear
  • Remunerating our employees fairly
  • Valuing the diversity of our people
  • Complying with all relevant employment and Health & Safety Standards
2. Customers

We will listen to their views, exceed expectations and remain agile to respond to market requirements and competitive pressures by:

  • Exceeding our customers’ expectations and meeting the challenges placed on us to deliver against contracts
  • Placing safety & sustainability at the heart of our business and customer objectives
  • Respecting diversity and considering the needs of users with special needs
  • Forging long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers
  • Establishing a delivery model which integrates design, procurement and construction effectively
3. Suppliers

We will work as an integrated team with our supply chain to provide safe and healthy working environments and pursue best practice.

We will achieve this by:

  • Providing safe and healthy working conditions for everyone working with us
  • Working in partnership with our suppliers to ensure we are at the leading edge of construction techniques and products
  • Seeking the views of suppliers and acting on what we hear
  • Engaging our suppliers in our standards and policies
4. Community

We will continue to support the communities in which we work and seek to behave with integrity through engaging in consultation and contributing to the economic and social well being of that area

We will achieve this by:

  • Actively encouraging participation in community projects
  • Supporting local businesses, charities and the economies in which we work
  • Operating in a way which does not affect the safety of those around us
  • Working in Partnership with councils, planning authorities and regulatory bodies
  • Respecting the diversity of communities in which we operate and being sensitive to local needs
5. Environment

We will seek to minimise the environmental impacts of our activities on the surrounding environment and communities, minimise pollution and develop intelligent solutions to ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance by:

  • Following the ISO:14001certification
  • Fully committing to sustainable development and our Environmental Policy
  • Complying with further relevant environmental legislation and standards
  • Encouraging the efficient use of resources and reduce emission of carbon dioxide wherever we can
  • Seeking alternative solutions which encourage sustainable construction and more efficient waste management
Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of our staff, the communities in which we work, our supply chain and the wider public dominates the agenda at Mi-space and the Midas Group. We know that only through taking a robust and progressive stance on Health & Safety can we then concentrate on the organisation’s core deliverable of helping to create communities. We have a dedicated in-house team of Health Safety and Environmental (H,S&E) Officers whose sole purpose is to maintain a safe and healthy working environment on all Mi-space projects. If you'd like some statistics on our Health & Safety record please just ask.

Respecting your residents

With many years experience in working with affordable housing providers we understand the importance of balancing the needs of you the housing association as well as the end users/residents. We work tirelessly to deal with any issues that may arise, but our flat management structure means you are never more than 3 steps away from the Managing Director at any time. We always employ direct labour wherever possible and ensure our staff have the right attitude as well as skills to work in residents’ homes.

Our Mi-space Respect for People Charter sets out how we will work in peoples’ homes. If any of our staff fall short of our charter please speak to your Mi-space contact or call our office so we can resolve matters.

Read our Respect for People Promise

Environmental Challenges

Our approach to the environmental challenges that we all face attempts to marry incremental improvement with revolutionary change. Mi-space has trained all of its staff in formal environmental awareness as part of the ISO:14001 certification process. We have also trained all HS&E teams (as well as some of our Business Development team) in the IOSH Environmental Management qualification. We monitor our energy consumption, recycling percentages and waste management. Our standards and targets are externally audited and driven by the requirement for continuous improvement. All of these result in incremental steps that undoubtedly make us a more sustainable business.

Jubilee Wharf Project

Our award-winning Jubilee Wharf Project in Cornwall, a CSH code level 4 mixed use development, showed us that forward looking design combined with modern methods of construction allows huge benefits in environmental performance. To that end we are working with the Architect (BDa ZEDFactory - www.zedfactory.com) to bring CSH code level 4 pre-fabricated homes to the affordable housing sector. These units have an identifiable upgrade route to Code Level 6 and are a perfect example of affordable ‘future proof’ housing. We firmly believe that this is the solution to the ever-increasing CSH code requirements that are leading us towards zero carbon. Through collaboration with Government, our customers, designers, contractors and suppliers will we achieve the environmental objectives required – we relish the challenge and strive to be part of the solution. For further information contact Lex Cumber: lcumber@mi-spaceuk.com 

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