01 February 2012


Project summary

  • Region: Cornwall
  • Value:  £16.4m
  • Contract terms: JCT SBC 2007
  • Contract length: 48 weeks
  • Procurement: Traditional
  • Completed: February 2012
  • Site features and challenges: Contamination risks, hazardous materials risks, large scale site

The Heartlands project is a low carbon, sustainable community hub that celebrates local culture, heritage and natural environment. Located on a 19-acre World Heritage Site, encompassing a Grade II listed mine shaft, the new build work included three accommodation buildings (19 apartments including affordable housing, five artists studios) a visitors’ centre, the 'Chy an bobel' community hall and an employee building. Refurbishment work included a café (Robinson's Shaft Carpenters' Workshop), plant room and internal offices and the renovation of existing mine facilities to exhibition standard. The external works included outdoor playgrounds, Diaspora Gardens (exotic species), water features, art installations, car parking, road infrastructure, paved pedestrian areas, central market square and 2,000 capacity events arena.

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